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Romanov Capital is modern and progressive company. We stand for popularization, regulation and transparency of the Forex market.

Currently there are two major approaches to the work of Forex broker.

  1. Dealing Desk
  2. NDD STP broker

Besides that, there are different combined variants of those two approaches. In our work we use only the second approach.

Romanov Capital is the classical NDD STP broker. We act as the service company providing our customers with reliable counterpart and IT solution for direct access to market. Our position is revolutionary new. Such our position determined the choice of liquidity provider and trading platform cTrader. Exactly this approach allows us to provide detailed report from liquidity provider on every closed transaction of our customers. We intentionally excluded ourselves from the client order execution scheme and rejected a number of opportunities connected with it. So we cannot use such benefits as welcome-bonus, fixed spreads or zero commissions for marketing purpose. But we provide our customers with the best currently available scheme of order processing. And we offer to assure himself of it to anyone willing to do so.

Romanov Capital clients are exposed inly to market risks.

The trader’s interests are our top priority, as long as we are sure the success of Romanov Capital is a direct result of successful trade of our customers. We are glad to see among our clients successful experienced traders, so we’ve created for them the very special service terms. Therewith any beginner can also enjoy all benefits of work with Romanov Capital.

We are proud of or Analytic Department and we are sure that we provide high quality support to our customers.

We’ve created the special training program whose target is not just opening of the trading account, but increasing the level of financial competence of our customers and developing of their skills necessary for conscious work on the exchange market.

We invite to join our affiliate program and to cooperate with us everyone who shares our point of view.

We will be glad to see you ad our customer!

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Best Liquidity Providers
Best STP Liquidity Providers are at your service. We choose reliable partners. The best trading platform cTrader, combined with the best liquidity providers, gives you the Best price ever
Liquidity Provider reports
You can request an official detailed report for each of your deal, from Liquidity Provider. This option avoids conflicts and ensures transparency of our work
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