Trading systems

Trading system is the short-cut method for sale and purchase signal receiving by means of technical indicator interpretation. To put it in other way, this automated mathematical system that yields finished decision for transaction closing without necessity for market situation deep studying and spending 24 hours at the computer. There are three types of trading systems:

They are based on different technical indicators. Click here to view he examples of the simplest trading systems.
Disclaimer statement. The information on trading systems is taken from open sources and placed on the Romanov Capital website for information only. Both Romanov Capital employees and company itself do not develop trading systems for third parties and are liable for trading results obtained using trading systems of any kind. If you decide to use any of such trading systems, you should remember that you do it at your own risk and responsibility. Romanov Capital does not in limit its customers in using/nom-using the trading systems in any way. By placing the examples of trading systems on its website Romanov Capital does not pursue any goal other than improving the skills of its customers.

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