Simple trading systems examples

There are many different tools for searching the market entering points, every of which can be used independently from the others. One source is quite enough for decision making, but if in the one point you receive the signal for sale or purchase from several technical instruments simultaneously, the probability of positive transaction result is much higher. Which instrument you should use and how to set them, you can learn only from our personal experience. But here are several examples of trading systems that would help you to find market entering point already today based on the combined use of several technical instruments: 

Historical level and price channel.
Historical level of quotes (prices) where the market usually changes the direction of its movement is commonly used technical indicator. Like Charles Do once said: “The history repeats itself”. To when historical level if in close proximity of current quote (price), the trader can use this it for trading decision making.
Price channel or trend. One of the most important rules of technical analysis says: Trend is your friend. It means that the movement of market prices always happens according to the certain trend that can be identified and used for trading decision making. Trend line can tell us about general direction of price movement and is a significant level of price resistance or price support.

Historical level and moving average.
Historical level can also be used together with moving average.
Moving average, which is the average level of price for random period of time (5,18,89,144,190), can also be used as convenient technical tool being a significant level of price resistance or price support.

Here are several simplest examples of trading systems based on elementary technical instruments. If you want to get more deep knowledge on this issue, we offer you to complete Romanov Capital trading program. Besides that you can read out analytic marker reviews in the Analytic Materials Section
Disclaimer statement. The information on trading systems is taken from open sources and placed on the Romanov Capital website for information only. Both Romanov Capital employees and company itself do not develop trading systems for third parties and are liable for trading results obtained using trading systems of any kind. If you decide to use any of such trading systems, you should remember that you do it at your own risk and responsibility. Romanov Capital does not in limit its customers in using/nom-using the trading systems in any way. By placing the examples of trading systems on its website Romanov Capital does not pursue any goal other than improving the skills of its customers.

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