Finding the entry point

To close profitable transaction is your main task on the Forex market. The Experts of Romano Capital Analytic Department have long experience in development and practical application of trading strategies. The search of market entering point is an everyday process.

We are ready to share our experience and thus help you to make profitable transaction already today.

There are a lot of tools and instruments for market forecasting. Each of them can be used separately, but they will much more efficient, if you properly combine them.

Subscribe on the Romanov Capital analytic materials right now, and you will daily get the technical and fundamental analysis of market situation, trading ideas, SMS-notifications on arising of important news, forecasts and a lot of other useful information. This is absolutely free of charge. We work for you!

If you want to gain more deep knowledge on Forex market and learn how to identify optimal market entering points by yourself, we recommend you to complete our full-time attendance or absentee training program by Romanov Capital. Participate in our webinars and visit the seminars and master classes in our office. This will significantly deepen your market knowledge and allow you to gain professional skills.

You are enough self-reliant and don’t need any training? Start right now!


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Best Liquidity Providers
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Liquidity Provider reports
You can request an official detailed report for each of your deal, from Liquidity Provider. This option avoids conflicts and ensures transparency of our work
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