Increase your skills

Romanov Capital company always encourages you its customers increase their professional competence. This is the reason why we have developed unique training program from which everyone can learn something interesting and new. 

The first steps – self-guided training

Learn what the Forex exchange market is from the very beginning. What is Forex? How you can earn money on Forex. What are the rules of Forex market operation? The answers to this and many other interesting training materials you will find in our First Steps Section.

Learn with pleasure! Play exciting online simulator game

  We believe that the training must be not only interesting, but also pleasant. We have developed for you a very special computer game – trading simulator. With the help of this game you can master the skills of new trading on exchange market quickly and with pleasure.

Visit our free-of-charge introduction seminar at our office

  Our leading analysts will explain you what the Forex exchange market is and how you can earn money on the foreign exchange transactions. On this seminar you will learn about all basic market principles and rules and will have the opportunity to see the bright examples and personally participate in trading on special training demo-accounts, as if you made transaction with real money. Sign Up!

Complete extended training program 

  You are familiar with everything mentioned above and you want to master your skill on more professional level? For your special benefit we have prepared extended training program. Training at Romanov Capital means personal attitude to each customer, convenient schedule of training hours and deep knowledge in easy-to-understand form. New course on Bitcoin starting with January, 2014! Sign Up!

Sign up for webinar

  Sign up for webinar. Gain new knowledge and discuss concerning issues online. We are ready to arrange webinar on any topic you’re interested in specially for you. This is the great opportunity to directly communicate with our best specialists and other traders. It’s useful and convenient. Sign Up!


Courses and seminars we offer are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders who want to improve their professional level.
All training classes are given by the analysts with large trading experience who have successful history of teaching at the professional trading courses. After completing our three trading programs you will develop the conscious trading skill and will be able to conduct deep technical and fundamental market analysis.

Increase your skillsOpen trading account

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