How does it work?

Romanov Capital affiliate program is suitable for both private persons and legal entities. We offer you the opportunity to start your own business without any initial investments. You don’t have to gain very deep knowledge on Forex market, create your own infrastructure, hire and train your staff. Just recommend Romanov Capital to the potential customers in social networks, blogs, forums, professional communities, personal conversations and other and you will be rewarded for every transaction of the customers you have attracted.

Besides that, Romanov Capital is ready to cooperate in the opening of training centers. We will share our knowledge and experience, help you to teach your staff and arrange the training process.

You may choose the type of affiliate program that is suitable for you:

Here is the general description of Romanov Capital operating scheme when working with different types of affiliate program:

We will be glad to see you as our partner!  

Become a partner Open trading account
Liquidity Provider reports
You can request an official detailed report for each of your deal, from Liquidity Provider. This option avoids conflicts and ensures transparency of our work
Сonvenient in/out methods
Wire transfer, credit cards, e-money. Fast and easy way to make a deposit or withdrawal. Minimum deposit is only 50 USD. We don't take any additional charges for in/out transactions, only the third parties commissions
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