Web partner

Web partner – is the partnership type for bloggers, and the owners of the popular web sites.

The task of the Internet partner is to organize the sustainable traffic flow to the Romanov Capital Website. Remuneration of web partner can be calculated in one of two different ways:

  1. Fixed remuneration for every active customer. The remuneration is paid single time not later than 10 business days after the customer’s trading account depositing and first transaction closing. The remuneration amount is equivalent of 55 USD at the exchange rate Central Bank of Russian Federation as of the day of payment;
  2. Variable remuneration is calculated individually depending on the trade turnover of customers attracted by partner. Approximate size of possible remuneration can be calculated based on the fact that every active customer with deposit equal to 1000 USD can bring to the Internet partner around 300 USD per month.


  1. Не требует вложения средств
  2. Sunя статистика абсолютно прозрачна и доступна в удобном виде в кабинете партнера
  3. Romanov Capital предоставляет все необходимые маркетинговые материалы
  4. Wedок выплаты переменного вознаграждения не ограничен
  5. Отсутствие ограничений to минимальному числу клиентов
  6. Отсутствие ограничений to минимальному обороту привлеченных клиентов
  7. Высокие ставки партнерского вознаграждения. Если у Вас есть опыт привлечения клиентов на Форекс, и Вы уже работаете с кем-то of брокеров, мы готовы улучшить Ваши текущие условия.


  1. You don’t need to invest any funds. 
  2. All statistics is absolutely transparent and available in any convenient form in the partner area
  3. Romanov Capital provides you with all necessary marketing materials 
  4. Unlimited variable remuneration payment term
  5. No minimal requirements for number of customers
  6. No minimal requirements for customer turnover 
  7. High rates of partner remuneration. If you have experience in attraction of customers to the Forex market and you are already working with some other broker, we are ready to offer your better terms than your current ones.


  1. Attracted customer must enter the correct data at the sign in stage
  2. Attracted customer must be at least 18 years old
  3. Attracted customer must not have to have any previously opened accounts at Romanov Capital
  4. Attracted customer must not be connected with the partner

Attracted customer that do not comply with at least one of above rules will not be taking into account in calculation of partner remuneration.

To start working with us:

  1. Sign in as a partner
  2. Get the marketing instruments (banners, affiliate links, etc) in your partner area nd place them on your website
  3. Earn money and track your statistic in the personal area

We will be glad to see you as our partner! Good luck!

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