Business model

In its work Romanov Capital sticks to the highest standards of rendered service quality. We stand for the modern, technical transparent methods of work. Romanov Capital never acts as a counterpart for our customer’s transactions. All transactions are made only on real market. This is why the offer the following order processing and execution scheme:


What does it mean:

Reception and processing of customer’ orders is carried out in automatic mode without dealing desk participation. This technology helps to reduce the time necessary for order processing and avoid requotes and non-market quote order execution. Order processing quality is significantly better, then when working with dealing desk, and opportunity of broker intentional impact is excluded.

It’s an approach when broker is actually an intermediary between the customer and liquidity provider. Broker directly transmits customers’ orders to the interbank exchange market where they are executed at the best offered prices.

Like any other market, providers on liquidity market also compete with each other, and as a result the customer receives only the best transaction terms. Broker’s income in this case is generated due to the small fixed margin added to the liquidity price – a markup. So thanks to such scheme we are interested in successful trade of our customers and organic growth of their turnover.

ECN is liquidity provider of Romanov Capital. ECN is an electronic analogue of exchange that combines the liquidity of such market participants as banks, major brokers, other ECNs and applications of customers like, for example, retail brokers.

To put it in more simple way, ECN is liquidity aggregator. Customers who work via ECN get immediate access to the liquidity of leading world banks.

Another advantage of ECN operation is that it ensures quick client order execution on the competitive basis by combining the liquidity of many providers. As a result Romanov Capital customers close transactions at the best prices possible. Ctrader platform ensures quick and comfortable ECN operation.

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