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Unlike other currently widely common trading platforms, cTrader and cAlgo are written on the С# language. Despite the fact that С# is a widespread programming language, most of the modern trading robots, advisors and indicators are written on the MQL.

If in your trading activity you’ve already realized a necessity for using the automated systems and you have your own trading robots, indicator and advisors, you can easily order their adjustment to the cTrader and cAlgo operation of the official web-site of сTrader developer community – сTDN (cTrader Developers Network).

Even if your trading system is based on unique authorial algorithms that you don’t want to disclose, on cTDN you can order conversion of different program code parts to the different developers and thus keep your secret safe.

Besides that сAlgo has convenient built-in code editor which you may use, if you know C# programming language.


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