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Trading robot is a specialized computer system that makes trading operations on exchange market according to the preset algorithm. The core element of algorithm is the certain authorial trading system, i. e. trading decision making mechanism based on the interpretation of one or mare market indicator values and/or other technical analysis instruments. Click here to learn more about trading robots. 



Why the one may need a trading robot?

  1. It saves your time.
  2. You don’t need to do mechanical routine work anymore.
  3. It excludes trading phycological component.
  4. It gives you advantage in speed.

What are the risks of trading robot usage?

The main risks are usually associated with incorrect robot operation.

  1. Depending on the technical analysis instrument group the trading robot algorithm is based upon it may or may not be efficient in a specific market situation. For example the robot can trade extremely successful on the growing market, but make loss on the falling or high volatility market.
  2. Trading robot constantly makes transactions. Some robots make transactions with certain frequency. If you operate the robot incorrectly and don’t control its operation, you may lose your deposit in very short terms.
  3. The algorithm of some robots may contain high-risk scripts. For example the scripts averaging the loss-making positions our doubling the volume of market input in order to compensate for loss-making transactions. This also may cause quick losing of your deposit.
  4. Trading robot requires the correct setting. It can be written for specific currency pair, specific timeframe, etc. Usage of other settings may cause short-term loss of deposit.
  5. Except market subjects it is also affected by external factors. Currently there are some trading robots that could analyze political and economic news; however it is extremely hard to create algorithm which would determine the possible market reaction to all diversity of news with high degree of probability is extremely difficult. Simple trading robots do not take into account arising and impact of news in its operation.

Nevertheless, despite all risks associated with trading robot operation, the general tendency shows increase oh algorithmic trade share in total volume of closed transactions. Already today more than half of all transactions on exchange and commodity market are made using trading robots.
If in your work you’ve already realized a necessity for using the trading robots, we suggest buying it on the cTDN.
сTDN is official independent community of cTrader developers. There you can buy, order or download at no no charge the trading robot, advisor or technical indicator.

Some advices on choosing and using the trading robot:

  1. Carefully read the description of trading robot and recommendations for its use.
  2. If possible, try to find and read feedbacks of other traders using the robot you chose.
  3. You can use our free service of Trading Robot Expert Evaluation.
  4. Test your robot by yourself on demo-account. cAlgo platform includes special function allowing carrying out such tests.
  5. Start to use trading robot on real account with small deposit that isn’t significant for you. 
  6. Always control robot operation.
  7. Increase the level of your professional knowledge, improve your trading system and create new trading robots based on your own algorithms. And remember, trading robot is just another instrument in trader’s hands.

Disclaimer statement. Romanov Capital company is by no means associated with cTDN resource and developers who offer their services on this resource. Romanov Capital does not develop trading robots for third parties and does not distribute its developments via its own website or external resources. Romanov Capital does not in limit its customers in using/nom-using the trading robots in any way. If you decide to order, download or buy trading robot on cTDN ot other resource and used for real trading account operation, you do it at your own risk and responsibility. By placing the information in this section Romanov Capital does not pursue any goal other than improving the skills of its customers.

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