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Every trader makes his trading decisions based on personal experience and skill level. Every trader who in course of his professional evolution has already passed the period of emotional trading has certain individual procedure of trading decision making based of usage of specific technical and fundamental analysis instruments. Let’s call this procedure trading decision making algorithm. When trader gets more experience, his algorithm becomes more complex and upgraded. Trades operating load usually growth accordingly. Experienced trader can easily achieve speed limit of quality information processing and mechanical routine action taking. This is the reason why sooner or later every trader realizes the need for trading process automation.
If in your work you’ve already encountered the limitedness of your human possibilities or the trading takes too much of your time, nerves and energy, you should write the algorithm of your daily actions and order development of trading robot based on such algorithm.
Trading robot will allow you to exclude repeated mechanical actions from your work and save your time for strategic decision making.
Besides that, trading robot will exclude the phycological factor from your market operation. It is a very important aspect as long as fatigue, greed and fear may bring to naught even the most successful trading strategy.
You can order the trading robot by joining the official independent community of cTrader developers – сTDN.
There you’ll find a lot of ready-to-use robots, indicators and advisors. You also can discuss all concerning issues, share the experience and get advice from other community members.
Disclaimer statement. Romanov Capital company is by no means associated with cTDN resource and developers who offer their services on this resource. Romanov Capital does not develop trading robots for third parties and does not distribute its developments via its own website or external resources. Romanov Capital does not in limit its customers in using/nom-using the trading robots in any way. If you decide to order, download or buy trading robot on cTDN ot other resource and used for real trading account operation, you do it at your own risk and responsibility. By placing the information in this section Romanov Capital does not pursue any goal other than improving the skills of its customers.

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