Liquidity providers

Romanov Capital offers to its customers only the best solutions. Romanov Capital provides direct access to the liquidity of world leading banks by means of the best liquidity aggregation system.   Integral.

Integral Development Corporation (Europe) Ltd. is the recognized leader in development of technological solutions for financial instrument trading.

Innovate solutions by Integral won several prestige international awards and are confirmed by numerous patents. Integral Development Corporation (Europe) Ltd. is regulated by FCA (Financial Condact Authority), license number 460420

Upon customer’s request, Romanov Capital can provide report on any closed transaction from liquidity provider with indication of specific counterpart and other transaction details.

Counterparts in Romanov Capital customers’ transactions are leading world banks, partners of the Integral, like:

When working on the real market using the STP technology at the moment of strong fluctuations (for example when some important news arise), or when trying to close transaction of large volume (for example 150-200 lots), you may encounter widening and/or minor slipping of price that can be both favorable and adverse for you. This happens due to the fact that at the moment of increased trading activity liquidity providers try to earn more and widen the spreads. Slipping is caused by the probability that the single provider may not have required liquidity volume at the certain price. In this case required volume will be obtained from several providers, and liquidity price may slightly change during the time spent on search.

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