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сTrader Developers Network – is convenient platform for traders and developers where you can communicate, share your experience and cooperate with other members in development of new technical indicators, trading robots and advisors. You also can buy, sell, order or get the order for development and setting of trading robot or technical indicator. Besides that you can receive the feedbacks to your developments from other community members.
If you need trading robot, advisor or indicator, cTDN is exactly the place where you can not only buy or download ready-for-use program at no charge, nut also order the development by your unique algorithm.
If you already have a set of your own robots, indicators and advisors, on cTDN you can order their adjustment to the cTrader and cAlgo operation.
If you are a developer, join cTDN community and get the orders for development.
Disclaimer statement. Romanov Capital company is by no means associated with cTDN resource and developers who offer their services on this resource. Romanov Capital does not develop trading robots for third parties and does not distribute its developments via its own website or external resources. Romanov Capital does not in limit its customers in using/nom-using the trading robots in any way. If you decide to order, download or buy trading robot on cTDN ot other resource and used for real trading account operation, you do it at your own risk and responsibility. By placing the information in this section Romanov Capital does not pursue any goal other than improving the skills of its customers


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Algotrading robots
cAlgo platform is a perfect environment for algorithmic trading. It gives you the fast execution, advanced backtesting, integration with cTrader, dedicated community with forums and downloadable cBots and indicators
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