Trading platform

We’re sure that the interest of broker and trader could and must converge. And we are sure that the future of retail brokers is in the provision of high quality direct access to the international exchange market. Today our interests already fully converge with the interests of our customers. This is the reason why Romanov Capital provides its customers with modern and innovative trading platform сTrader, best trading platform 2013 according to the FX Week.

cTrader is the trading platform specially designed by Spotware ltd. for high speed direct access to the market (DirectMarketAccess)

Advantages of working with сTrader trading platform:

There are several available versions of platform:

Open demo account Open trading account

Liquidity Provider reports
You can request an official detailed report for each of your deal, from Liquidity Provider. This option avoids conflicts and ensures transparency of our work
Сonvenient in/out methods
Wire transfer, credit cards, e-money. Fast and easy way to make a deposit or withdrawal. Minimum deposit is only 50 USD. We don't take any additional charges for in/out transactions, only the third parties commissions
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