For convenient trading robot operation, Romanov Capital provides you with specialized trading platform cAlgo.
cAlgo allows developing trading robots and creating your own technical indicators on  C#. cAlgo is:

Modern С# API

С# is a common programming language. It is known to many modern developers. That’s way the trader gets access to major base of trading robots and advisors.

API cAlgo is specially designed for electronic trading on Forex market. It has convenient and friendly end-user interface.


Algorithmic trading Plug and Play

cAlgo Plug and Play function allows you to download ready-to-use trading robot/advisor and start working with it by pushing only one button.



сAlgo has convenient functionality for trading robots historical data testing. By choosing the period and starting the robot you can het detailed report on closed transactions, profit and loss statement and consolidated report on trading robot performance in graphic format.



сTrader and cAlgo have a wide range of built-in technological indicators.  All the most popular indicators are already added to the trading platform. Besides that, сAlgo allows creating your own technical analysis indicators. Any indicator created in сAlgo can be used in cTrader. You also can use indicators created by other users by joining the сTrader Developer Network.


cTrader Developer Network

сTrader Developer Network – is convenient platform for traders and developers where you can communicate, share your experience and cooperate with other members in development of new technical indicators, trading robots and advisors. You also can buy, sell, order or get the order for development and setting of trading robot or technical indicator. Besides that you can receive the feedbacks to your developments from other community members.


Built-in code editor

You can write the program code of your indicator or trading robot using the Visual Studio or cAlgo Built-in Code Editor.
cAlgo Code Editor is designed to be of maximally convenient and easy-to-work. It has special fields for searching the elements of code and autocompletion function for intuitive operation.



сAlgo provides you with convenient opportunity to create your chart setting patterns.
Patterns created in cAlgo are also available when switching to the manual trading mode through cTrader.


Trading sessions

When working with algorithmic trading it is especially important to know which exactly trading session is opened at the moment. This information may significantly affect the choice of trading robot. This is the reason why cAlgo displays active trading sessions directly on the platform main screen


Algorithm tick reaction

Robots created in cAlgo can be adjusted for tick chart variation, which ensures immediate reaction for market situation change.


E-mail notifications 

You can adjust notifications of important events in trading robot operation such as: position opening/closing, reaching/changing the stop loss level, reaching/changing the take profit level.



Special platform screen allows convenient switching between any number of opened accounts including demonstrational ones.



сAlgo and cTrader developers strive to ensure the most comprehensive correlation of trading platform opportunities and trader needs. For this purpose, in the main trading platform window there is a special feedback button. This is a comfortable way to directly affect the development of trading platform available opportunity to adjust the platform to your personal tasks.


Integration with cTrader

cAlgo and cTrader are two available ways to access your trading account. сAlgo is used for algorithmic trade and the сTrader for manual. You may use the same patterns in process of trading. You can also switch between the platforms very convenient and fast.


Multilingual capability 

Currently supported languages: English; Russian; French; Spanish; Portuguese; Polish; Japaneseй; Korean; Chinese; Italian; Greek; Turkish; Hungarian; German; Vietnamese; Arabic.


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